Record a few songs in our professional recording studio

With an event at Danish Dub Studio, you’re ensured an entertaining experience which will give a permanent reminder of your performances behind the microphones!

We organize events of all sizes, regardless of whether it’s a bachelor party, team building, corporate event or birthdays.

It is important to remember that it is the experience that is in the center.
The main character of the event doesn’t need – in any way – to be singing like a dream, however, if he/she does, it’s only an advantage!

At an event, we start by giving you an introduction to the actual recording process.
Subsequently, we will make recordings of 2-3 songs where the best songs will be edited by our producer.

It takes about 90 minutes to record the songs and the producer will then take the time to edit the recorded material (mixing and mastering), where the recordings are polished and perfected.
Everyone gets the chance to get to the microphones.

The above process can be extended so that the larger Events will be more focus on solo and choral performances at additional cost.

We can provide most cover songs, both foreign as well as Danish hits, and we can also support with ideas for song choices.

Although the maximum songs being recorded is between 2-3 songs in the studio, it is necessary to select 4-5 songs.
This is to ensure that the main character can sing 2-3 of the selected songs.

We recommend that you choose songs which the main character is familiar with and we need to know about your song choice a few days before the actual event, so we can be ready when you arrive.

You are, of course, welcome to take photos or record video during the Event, allowing you to have some great memories many years ahead.

Send an email with the date and time desired for your Event. You can use our formHERE

Basic package

  • Recording of 2 songs

  • 60 minutes

De Luxe

  • Recording of 2-3 songs

  • 90 minutes


  • Recording of 2 songs

  • 2 x 60 minutes