We make awesome audio!

We’ve been making audio in our recording studio for more than 30 years.
For private persons, corporations, associations, ad agencies, film and TV networks as well as musicians of all kinds.

And we’re REALLY good at it. Great, actually.

No matter what style of music you make, recording and mastering with an accomplished producer should always be the last step in your project.
A well-done mastering job can be the difference between your project sounding like a “demo” or having a professional sound.

We use some of the best technical equipment that will help to get the best out of your recordings.

Audio Mixing is a science and an art.

Balancing the volumes, the tones and placement of all the musical parts is like painting a portrait and it is the mastering that adds the final touch to a project and lead to the determination between a demo and a professional end product.

Here we make sure that each recording has equal dynamics and tone, maximum volume without distortion, clean starts and ends, and that it sounds great regardless of the media it’s played on.