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Professional Speak and Voice-over

At Danish Dub Studio, we can handle most assignments within Speak and Voice-over.
Whether it is a speak for an advertisement, a voice-over on a documentary, company portraits or speak for audiobooks, we ensure that the end product is of highest quality.

Please keep in mind that no chain is stronger than its weakest link, and it’s therefore of utmost importance that the finished recording is of high quality so that it matches the product it will represent.

If you don’t have a speaker already, we can also help you through this process as well.

When the recording is made, we either get the speaker into our own studio or we can use an external studio at one of our many collaborating partners.

We take great pride of the quality of the voice-over you get is of the highest quality.

When the recording is finished, we process the audio clip, polish and master it, to make sure it’s top notch.

We can supply most assignments within 24 hours (on weekdays) and in almost all file formats required.
The most common formats are mp3, wav or aiff.

We can also help you with the finished production, where we – for instance – provide a mix of music and sound effects to the speak or we can mix the finished audio file on a movie for you.

Typical assignments

  • Speak for commercials
  • Voice-over for film and cartoons
  • Documentary film

  • Recording audio books
  • E-Learning
  • Audio for computer games and apps